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My Story

Years of depression, anxiety, and chronic pain landed me in an endless cycle of taking a ton of pills that never helped resolve my ailments, but instead caused massive trauma and a deep distrust of our healthcare system.

I researched and learned that some of the most basic things like sleep, nutrient dense foods, hydration, daily movement, exposure to the Sun are the most beneficial ways of preventative health and healing. 

Unlearning the premise of the magic pill solving everything and relearning about using lifestyle as medicine is what I'm all about. Medication should always be used in emergent scenarios as a first line of treatment. It should not be the first line of treatment for those of us that are not in a critical life threatening state.

Lifestyle is medicine. ThriveZone is a lifestyle and the HIGH 5 to Thrive program is the path from Survival Zone to your ThriveZone.


It's an honor and privilege to teach others. I want you to live the most peaceful, blissed out life of your dreams!

Peaceful Ripple

"A single act of kindness can cause ripples of healing." 



My Offerings


Reiki Healing

Reiki is an alternative or complimentary healing that promote's stress reduction and healing. 

Bioenergetic Frequency Healing

FDA cleared Class II medical device for pain that uses quantum physics to analyze and optimize individual and specific bio energetic frequencies. Addresses physical, mental, and emotional needs. Supports the chakras, meridians, organs, heart health, fitness, learning, stress, skin, sleep, protection, & bioenergetic balance.

 Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle is medicine. ThriveZone is lifestyle. My coaching program High 5 to Thrive is the path leading you from Survival Zone to Thrive Zone!


"I believe she is very dedicated to helping those of us who were struggling to get our medical cards.:

John F.

"Nurse Carey Lee was super helpful with recommendations and answering all questions! I would definitely recommend her!"

Dennis M.

"Because of Nurse Carey Lee, my life has changed. I am able to use medical cannabis and it has helped me with many things such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, nightmares, binge eating, etc. I definitely recommend reaching out to her if you have any questions! My life is forever changed and I am so grateful for her help."

Kyla B.

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